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What’s your Guilty Pleasure?

For lovers of fetish wear or those curious to try, Guilty Pleasure offers a collection made of the revolutionary Datex material, as well as Printed Datex, Genuine Leather and Wetlook garments.

Guilty Pleasure Datex


Datex is made of natural latex, rubber and a very stretchable knitted fabric. Great expandability and resistance are the material’s major advantages, making the products easy to put on and take off. Datex makes you feel comfortable, while ensuring a traditional latex quality at the same time. It’s a revolutionary new fetish wear style!
Datex fetish wear Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure printed datex icon

Printed Datex

Guilty Pleasure Printed Datex is a special range of Datex garments. The latex is printed on the elastic knitted fabric in sexy open patterns. This process creates endless possibilities for striped, curly or fantasy designs, mixed with transparent or semi-transparent mesh parts. It will even let air reach the skin, making it much less sticky and sweaty than a latex outfit.
Printed Datex fetish wear Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure genuine leather icon

Genuine Leather

The Guilty Pleasure collection also features real leather garments, such as skirts, corsets, a bra and an open crotch thong. Genuine leather combined with firm sews, metal zippers, draw strings or lace. The result: high quality products with that special look, smell and feel that only leather can provide. Is Real Leather your Guilty Pleasure?
Leather fetish wear Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure wetlook icon


The material of this range of products is made of elastic knitwear that is laminated with polyurethane, which gives it the typical sexy wetlook appearance. The shiny fabric is very elastic and fits smoothly around the body, for a comfortable and sensual feeling and a sassy look. Feeling bold, confident, kinky or feisty? The Guilty Pleasure Wetlook collection might be your perfect fetish wear choice!
wetlook fetish wear Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure latex icon


The Guilty Pleasure Latex collection currently offers 3 mini dresses, each of them in two-tone latex, combining black with bright red, petrol blue or raspberry.
wetlook fetish wear Guilty Pleasure