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Discover the world of Guilty Pleasure.

A whole new line with hundreds of BDSM-products and fetish wear to satisfy your fantasies.

A Guilty Pleasure is often seen as one of the best pleasures in life

Fetish Wear

For lovers of fetish wear or those curious to try, Guilty Pleasure offers a collection made of the revolutionary Datex material, as well as Printed Datex, Real Leather and Wetlook garments.

The Fetish Wear collection contains catsuits, bodysuits, teddies, skirts, dresses, pants, bustiers, tops, corsets, shorts, bras, gloves and costumes for roll playing, as well as bras, strings and thigh highs.


The Bondage collection offers all the right tools for those keen on bondage, spanking and teasing.

The collection pretty much contains something for everyone, from beginner to more experienced BDSM enthusiasts. No matter for which target audience, all products offer great value for money. A lot of them are produced in Europe.

Make your choice from the ranges of restraint sets, hand and ankle cuffs, whips, crops and floggers, nipple clamps and ball gags. There is also bondage rope and ribbon in the bondage collection. We offer most products in several colours. Closures of collars and cuffs are either in easy to adjust velcro, or with metal buckles. There is something for every level of experience. The gift sets are great for those interested to explore BDSM.

Exclusive brand

Guilty Pleasure is an exclusive brand of Tonga. We proudly invite you to explore our collections of Fetish Wear, including lingerie and clothing, and Bondage items. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or wish to order from the Guilty Pleasure collection.